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GIVE OUR BAND A NAME - Lynne, Jayne & Craig

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GIVE OUR BAND A NAME - Lynne, Jayne & Craig

Posted on Fri, Nov 3, 2006

Pick a name for our band. Click on the Poll below.

We began as Sweet Harmony, and evolved into The Management and would like to tweek it once more to . . .

Give us your opinion.

   Discussion: GIVE OUR BAND A NAME
Peg (anon) · 11 years ago

Here are some ideas- ....

" HOT BREW"........".SWEET HOT BREW" .....

" THE AMICI TRIO " ......
Greg Neat (anon) · 11 years ago
What about ...."Metallica" ?

Isn't it great. I hope it isn't already taken.

Peg (anon) Back · 11 years ago

Geez, I thought they were asking for suggestions, didn't see the poll listed below....oh, well, would have made a nice contest for winning a new Amici tee-shirt! Which  by the way are very cool ....who was the designer ?

Jamie Dull (anon) · 11 years ago
How about...

You just make a symbol and use that.... like Prince.

Ok not really...



I alwasy thought that just the word Trio was a cool band name.

Or even. Craig and the Amicettes....

The Amicis is neato as well. :)

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